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Why Choose Us?


GTO Wealth Management has always placed an emphasis on educational qualifications, and our staff has been carefully selected based on their qualifications, knowledge and experience. Each of our Financial Planners has achieved the Certified Financial Planner qualification, the highest accreditation in global Financial Planning.

We also undergo a stringent ongoing education programme to ensure that the advice we provide continues to evolve with changing legislative and economic environments.


Qualifications without experience are like watching TV without the sound - you soon realise that something important is missing.
Each of our Financial Planners has plenty of experience to fall back on, and our less experienced staff members are mentored within our office and their work is thoroughly checked and monitored.


With the pace of change in economic and legislative conditions, we believe it is important that we have a partner in business that supports us in managing the “behind the scenes” issues that can distract us from looking after our clients.

We choose to be licensed through Consultum Financial Services. Our association with Consultum Financial Services is an alliance that brings the strengths and resources of Global Wealth Management, the financial services arm of the National Australia Bank.

This provides our clients with protection, comfort and peace of mind knowing that we have access to a comprehensive network of technical and investment research specialists, are compliant with regulations, and that we are being held accountable for the advice we give.


We have always used information technology extensively to simplify and automate our processes, and they are an essential part of our 'back office.'

We use a wide range of data analysis, investment research and financial calculation tools to be able to serve you better. We also use state of the art technology to maintain and protect the information that you entrust to our care.


Our whole approach is built on understanding your values and goals. We have taken time to ensure that our team members not only know what they're doing, they believe in what they're doing.

If you ever discover differently, tell us. We always want to know about your experiences with us so we can continue to improve.