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Estate Planning

Building your wealth to ensure a secure financial future for your family is not just about creating wealth. Many people want to pass their wealth to future generations and make sure that the people who depend on them are secure.

A properly structured Estate Plan will ensure that on death your assets will pass to the people that are important to you by having the right documents in place. It will also allow you to retain control of your assets and to determine who will make decisions on your behalf should you become unable to in the future.

Estate Planning usually requires more than just making a Will to distribute assets to your beneficiaries. It is common that Superannuation Death Benefit Nominations, Powers of Attorney, Guardianship and Testamentary Trusts are also used to ensure that family wealth is protected and distributed as you intend.

Because of the complexities involved, we work with you to identify what is important to you, and then enlist the services of an experienced Estate Planning solicitor to help you build an Estate Plan specifically tailored to your needs.