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Regardless of your current stage in life, a well constructed superannuation strategy will be critical in helping you to achieve your retirement goals.

Constant changes to superannuation rules have made it more important than ever to consider superannuation at an earlier stage in your life. With a range of generous tax concessions, superannuation can be an extremely attractive investment vehicle however the complicated rules mean investors often need expert advice to maximise their opportunities and avoid the pitfalls.

At GTO Wealth Management, we stay abreast of all aspects of superannuation legislation to ensure we have a clear understanding of the benefits that can be achieved by implementing a tailored superannuation strategy. By implementing the right superannuation strategy, you can:

  • Reduce Tax
  • Increase savings
  • Create a tax effective Wealth Protection programme
  • Provide greater income benefits in your retirement years
  • Take control of your investment strategies

We also understand that the most effective structure for one client may not be the same for others, so we advise people on any combination of the following options:

  • Establishing and/or maintaining Self Managed Superannuation Funds
  • Maintaining existing superannuation funds
  • Establishing new retail superannuation funds if you are not happy with your existing provider, but do not have the funds or inclination to manage a Self Managed Superannuation Fund.